eXp Realty Celebrates 4th Birthday with Enhanced Collaborative Cloud Office

BELLINGHAM, WA/SAN FRANCISCO, CA (REALTORS Conf. & Expo) – November 8, 2013 – eXp Realty International Corporation (OTCBB: EXPI), the real estate cloud brokerage, celebrated its 4th birthday by unveiling a new cloud office platform with greater capacity for increasing numbers of agents and enhanced visual and sound quality.

“As we’ve grown, certain events and meetings inside of our Cloud Office have generated levels of attendance and enthusiasm that caused us to evaluate enhancements to our Cloud Office,” said Jason Gesing, eXp Realty President. “By adding capacity to our theaters and improving presentation capabilities, we are fulfilling our commitment to provide our agents and brokers with a Cloud Office experience capable of surpassing the traditional office experience.”

eXp Realty, which became a public company last month, in part so it could create agent ownership opportunities and offer value to brokerage owners seeking alternatives, now operates in 29 states and in Ontario.

“The geographic expansion that we’ve been able to achieve in a relatively short period of time is directly attributable to our Cloud Office environment,”Gesing said. “With relatively minimal expense, we’ve created an environment for agents and brokers to work, attend classes, strategize, collaborate, innovate, enjoy water-cooler chats, build teams, build unity and share experiences.”

The eXp Realty Environment – At a Glance

eXp Realty Cloud Office

Experience the eXp Realty Cloud Office at REALTORS® Conference & Expo

Those attending the REALTORS® Conference & Expo (November 8-11, 2013) are invited to experience and visit eXp Realty’s Cloud Office. For more information (or to take a tour outside of the event), please contact Jason Gesing at 617.970.8518.

About eXp Realty International Corporation

From its inception, eXp Realty has been engaged in the marketing and sale of residential real estate with the goal of being the first truly cloud-based, full-service, global real estate brokerage company delivering around-the-clock access to collaborative tools and professional development for managing real estate brokers and agents. The business model was created to increase brokers’ and agents’ listings and sales, while reducing their overhead and capital requirements. eXp Realty can now be found in 29 states and in Ontario, Canada. For more information, visit: www.exprealty.com.

You can also follow eXp Realty International on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and on the eXp livestream channel.

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